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0:00 BTC Historical August Returns – Aug So Far
14.55% so far Month to Date in August

1:00 With Gary Gensler announcing he views most crypto projects as securities, what type of effects might securities regulation have?
Forget Code

3:00 With your most recent addition to your retire on the crypto model you picked up 4 more Eth. Is there any reason why you picked 4 x Eth instead of an equivalent value of Bitcoin?

4:00 Why are you such a SOLANA fanboy!
JX, EMz, Liz, and more –
Real solutions for real multibillion-dollar uses cases
Fraction of the market cap of ETH and ADA
Stellar team and backers
Fast and efficient
All action, no talk
Better Call SOL

6:00 Is there a quick way to calculate your average cost basis when you have multiple buys at multiple prices on a token? Is there an app or crypto software?
Screen reader support enabled.

7:39 Neil S
As BTC rises in price, is there any logic behind quoting BTC price in Sats versus a whole coin? Would this drive faster adoption?

9:00 BTC vs SATs
= 5,411 Sats
Yes I believe it sure would – however it is Still a bit daunting for many to spend nearly 5 1/2 thousand touches and a cup of coffee – but soon it will be 800 SATS

10:20 Brent
Several TradingView chartist are calling for another large BTC correction. Head and shoulders pattern, some show BTC breaking channel, fib, etc.
Thoughts on why your analysis is contrary?

12:50 What if some rogue Country decided to print tons of money and buy all the bitcoin they can before anyone realizes that their currency is worthless now. Sure it will devastate that country’s economy but since when dictators cared about their people?
Dmitry N

14:00 How can we best protect our financial holdings should a black swan event like that in 2009 happen again?
Can you touch on the financial instruments to hold, sizing, and which instruments to avoid?

16:00 Any thoughts on an exit strategy out of AMZN and into TSLA? If current relevant holdings are 100% AMZN / 0% TSLA… with other funds already allocated how would you (all) approach adjusting the mix between the 2? I’m tempted to flip the set to 0% AMZN / 100% TSLA and just bet on the ‘faster horse’.
Steve G

17:00 AMZN Theoretical Exit Model
Second we are building out exit models with risk profiles and cost bases

Thoughts on google vs Amazon stock. Which do you prefer and why?
Edel A

18:12 AMZN vs GOOGLE
AMZN up 347% ver last 5 years and GOOG up 275%. AMZN wins. But going fwd GOOG. It is a money-making machine. HIGH margins.

21:00 Why do you not invest in Privacy Tokens like Monero?
Evil Flanders

I completely understand the value of privacy tokens
However, for a token that come truly viable it will need institutional adoption
Privacy tokens sadly are synonymous with crime and hiding crime and therefore will never be embraced by institutions
Regulators may also come down hard on them over time
Privacy Tokens

21:50 All contributions received from Youtube Live videos helped support and name HOWARD, a humpback whale that visits the California coast in the summer and early fall. (Yes–we named him after “Howard” in the Superchats)
Your Contributions, Our Donations
We also adopted a baby sea turtle nest and are excited to hear how many turtles make it to the sea!

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