Do Bitcoin investors have a blind spot?

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 ABQ – always be questioning
01:40 The Story
02:00 Inspiration for Story – Stephanie Pomboy
02:38 Gold Bug Defined
03:31 Gold Bugs and Bitcoin Bugs
03:40 Gold Bugs Become Bitcoiners
03:50 Battle For Monetary System is Darwinian
04:30 Bitcoin Hodlers Don’t Sell – Like Gold Bugs
05:30 Gold Bug BTC Flip Illustration – 10-Year Cycles
08:20 Saylor on BTC – 1 Million times Better than Gold
08:45 Gold Price Down 9% Over Last 10 yrs
09:22 Bitcoin Supply & Diminishing Returns
10:12 Risk Factors
10:20 Is Bitcoin a Ponzi
10:56 Libertarian/Prepper Coin
11:42 Global Ban During Great Reset
12:18 Doomsday Prepper Supplies Demand Exploding
13:14 Toxic Maxis
14:20 El Salvador Petri Dish – Success or Failure?
15:21 El Salvador Silver Lining
16:00 Key Success Factors
16:10 Is BTC as a SOV even Possible? What Else?
16:51 Pinnacle Point – Global Reserve Currency
18:16 GBP Reserve Currency Timely Tweets
19:20 BTC as Digital Cash? Two Jacks thinks so
19:50 Cash App and Strike – a Saviour?
20:20 Lightning Network App Users
20:45 Lightning Network Growth Rate
21:45 SBF no BTC for Payments
22:20 Perhaps SBF is Biased w Solana Pay
22:33 Generational Adoption
23:31 SOV vs GRC Pricing Models 11t vs 20t

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