Best Investment Bitcoin vs Stocks? #shorts

Which is the better investment, bitcoin versus stocks? I argue with Stock Curry on the pros and cons of investing in stocks versus investing in cryptocurrency. Which do you agree with?

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Our points on Stocks versus Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies:
You know the value of a stock based upon a company’s earnings. You don’t have to guess like with crypto.

There is intrinsic value in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the value of the blockchain.

Stocks don’t have the wild swings like cryptocurrency does.

Returns in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are like nothing you will ever see in stocks. There is no other opportunity to 10X and even 100X your money.

Stocks are a lot less risky. You don’t see stock scams like you see crypto scams.

Stocks crash along with the economy. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies follow their own cycles.

Stocks can give you retirement income in the form of dividends.

Cryptocurrency is a diversifier for your portfolio. It will smooth out the ups and downs to any portfolio.

Stocks have real value based upon the fundamentals of the company.

Bitcoin is a legit asset class drawing in billions of dollars every year and growing. You do not want to be left behind.

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