BTC as Reserve Currency, Tesla, Unity, StarkNet, Fusion, M2 & SPX

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00:00 Introduction
02:02 Where to Ask Questions
02:19 What would be the minimum value of BTC (satoshis) to be able to be a reserve currency?
02:39 Currency Ranked and in BTC and SATs
04:10 Most Expensive Currencies in SATs
05:00 Top 25 Currencies
05:37 Global Currency Stats if in Bitcoin
06:14 # of BTC or SATs To Be a Reserve Currency
07:22 What are the differences in margin between Tesla’s vehicles and the electric vehicles of the competition? I think this visualization can make the difference in understanding how far Tesla is ahead.
07:20 IA Tesla Competitive Advantage Visual
09:00 Tesla’s Main Competition – Margin Per Car
09:39 Biggest Losers
09:52 The Gorilla – Tesla
09:57 EV Margins Compared
10:24 Maintenance as Percentage of Price
10:50 Best vs Worst Luxury Brands vs Maintenance
11:21 Q1 Margins – If They Can Nail 20% GAM
12:39 Tesla Growth In Europe Explosive sans CH
13:41 What is your opinion of TSLA 1:1 backed tokens on, for example, Collateral in other DeFi, traded 24/7 in liquidity pools,TSLA/WETH and other pairs now possible
14:08 Tokenized Stocks vs Real Stocks
14:59 Depeg Risk is REAL
15:42 SEC is coming
16:24 I was wondering if you had any thoughts/opinions on Unity and their crypto SDKs. Might this be a good way to proxy web3 games?
16:45 What is Unity?
17:15 Unity Crypto SDK
18:21 StarkNet is building an impressive ecosystem. Please provide an examination.
18:32 All About Starknet
19:11 How Starknet Works
19:52 Starknet Limitations
20:21 Starknet – NO TOKEN!
20:50 What are your thoughts on how the declining M2 money supply will affect the S&P 500?
21:10 Old Study from The Early 2000s
21:37 87.3% of SPX Price explained by M2 Money.
22:28 M2 vs SPX Last 15 Years
22:38 IA Version March 2023 – 95.9% Explained
23:15 Fed BS – Unwinding Slowly or Not At All!
24:21 Actual Balance Sheet Reduction – Not 120BN
26:43 I tend to agree with a lot of “experts” that think the consequences of the rate hikes are not yet fully priced in. This could result in more pressure on risk on assets and impact of the post halving bull run.
27:04 Why Delay in Consequences
28:19 Bond Market Speaks Dovish
28:39 10 Yr at 3.69% only 6% Higher Than June Hike
30:31 Re: the LiveCoin Exchange hack a few years ago where “Russian hackers” got in and emptied it. I had BTC on there. Back in 2021, I emailed the site and the response I received was asking for more personal info than I was comfortable giving so I left it alone. I realize my BTC is not recoverable but since the info about where it went should be “on chain”, is there any info on where they went?
31:38 What was LiveCoin?
32:39 Blockchain Explorer
34:02 Would love to hear your take on Nuclear Fusion reactors as it seems like it’s closer to becoming a reality.
34:20 Nuclear Fusion is Far Away
35:04 Nuclear Fusion Difficulties
35:58 Nuclear Fusion Problems
37:16 Even though mortgage rates are at 7% (NH/ME), would it still be worth buying a home due to the rate of inflation be higher? My rent went up 8.5% this year alone.
37:48 New Hampshire on Fire!
38:07 New Hampshire Cash Shiller Home Price Index
38:48 52 Years of 30 Year Mortgage Rates
39:52 Rent vs Buy
42:22 You often say your Asymmetric bets on stock and crypto you are following is over the next 8 Years…Why 8 years?
42:58 Next 8 Years Takes us Thru 2030
44:26 Stay Healthy for 2031 Party!
44:38 If you had the option of either Elon Musk or Satoshi Nakamoto, who would you choose to talk with and why?
46:26 Helping Animals

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