How to DCA – the BEST way!

👉The DCA on Steroids model featured in this video can be found:
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00:00 Introduction
01:03 DCA on Steroids
01:30 Dylan: DCA’ing from ATH to Today
02:14 Bitcoin Magazine DCA Strategy
03:04 DCA Can Beat Lump Sum Investing
04:18 Timing is Everything
05:24 Nick says “Even God Couldn’t Beat DCA!”
05:51 What If There Was a MODEL to Beat DCA?
05:58 The Research Plan
06:42 DCA on Steroids Model: The Buy Profile
07:44 Model Secret: Not Only When to Buy
08:18 DCA Model from ATH – Weekly Start Nov 12, 2021
10:24 DCA Model from ATH – Daily Start Nov 12, 2021
12:36 DCA Model from ATH – BiWeekly Start Nov 12, 2021
12:55 DCA Model from ATH – Monthly Start Nov 12, 2021
13:36 Conservative & Daily from ATH
14:41 Conservative & Weekly from ATH
15:22 Conservative & BiWeekly from ATH
15:35 Conservative & Monthly from ATH
15:56 Gold Weekly DCA Over a Decade
17:02 S&P 500 Weekly DCA Since 2019
17:37 Google Conservative Weekly DCA Since 2018
18:53 Solana Aggressive Weekly Neutral Market
19:52 Solana Aggressive Daily Neutral Market
20:19 Summary
20:54 Conclusion
20:59 Fun BTC Price Stats Since Inception
21:38 Works in all 3 Market Scenarios
21:51 Remember Relationship Between Spend, Shares and ROI
22:52 Results Bitcoin Since ATH Nov 12, 2021
24:10 Results
25:15 Results: All Assets, Times and Strategies
26:31 Results: More Shares/Tokens w Less Spend
26:53 Interesting Finding
27:59 Amount Invested in Markets to Justify Purchase

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