“Bitcoin to $1.5 Million Dollars At THIS Date” Cathie Wood 2023 Crypto Prediction

“Bitcoin to $1.5 Million Dollars At THIS Date” Cathie Wood 2023 Crypto Prediction

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Although Michael Saylor was the man that truly spearheaded the institutional wave of corporations investing in Bitcoin and adding it to their balance sheets, he definitely wasn’t the first. One of the first big name investors who spotted the opportunity that was Bitcoin and it’s potential was ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood.

With Cathie being renowned for her innovation based, high risk tolerance technology based investment style, it’s easy to see why she was able to recognise the opportunity. Before eventually investing in the digital asset through her fund, ARK Invest, Cathie Wood showed Bitcoin to her mentor – Art Laffer, who agreed with her assessment of it.

She then invested $100,000 dollars of her own money into Bitcoin, a move she still calls her best investment today. Initially, Cathie alongside economist Art Laffer predicted that Bitcoin could hit a market cap equal to the monetary supply – which today sits at roughly $8 Billion dollars.

Assuming all Bitcoin in circulation, this would equate to a single Bitcoin being worth $380,000 dollars. However, over the years, Cathie has revised her outlook along with the expanding use cases of Bitcoin, with the most latest base case projections predicting Bitcoin to be worth $650,000 dollars per coin by 2027 and then worth over $1 million dollars by 2030.

In her latest interview with Anthony Pompliano, Cathie breaks down her and her firms assessment of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in general. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Cathie breaks down how she see’s regulation playing out for Bitcoin & the crypto industry and finally how she looks towards early adopters of adult entertainment and GAMING as a way to spot new technology and exponential investment opportunities.

About Cathie Wood:

Catherine Duddy Wood is an American investor and the founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, an investment management firm.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaminTree
My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamincurrie/
Email: jamin.tree@gmail.com

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