Exclusive: Mark Yusko w Jaw-Dropping Insights on Crypto!

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Mark Yusko:
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MORGAN CREEK https://www.morgancreekcap.com/

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0:00 Introduction to Mark Yusko
1:23 Fun Q – why is everyone moving to North Carolina
2:35 Morgan Creek Capital History
4:00 Operation ChokePoint and Banking Crisis
7:40 Why China Saved the World – not low interest rates
8:45 The JP Morgan Riskless Trade
10:28 Then they Fight You Phase – 2 Useful Idiots Planted
12:40 Were the bank runs intentional
13:40 short storm outage – 20 seconds
15:00 Panic Attack Times – Cause and Effect of Bank Run
17:20 The Unbanked
17:55 How do you ban a decentralized chain?
19:00 Conspiracy Theory – Ukraine On Chain
20:35 US Banking Fines are 80% of Bitcoin Market Cap
21:15 Fears that Satoshi Nakamoto/BTC was entirely created by the CIA.
27:40 On Ramps not really cut off? Can Bitcoin Be Banned
27:50 Satoshi DOB – April 5, 1975 is the birthday of bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator
30:00 exec order 6102 – Gold is Base Layer of Money
35:10 They cannot ban it but what is the mission?
37:40 They want to move the money to the FED!
39:00 Why the Fed was created
42:40 left vs right and Crypto
46:30 All Great Wealth comes from Variant Perception!
49:30 Variant Perception on Bitcoin
52:40 First 5 years Bitcoin was getting off the Ground
56:30 Metcalfe’s Law and Animosity from No Coiners
59:00 Hindenburg going after Jack Dorsey the Block – coincidence w Operation Chokepoint?
01:02:00 No Such Thing as Coincides – you just dont understand who is pulling the strings
01:04:30 Investing Narratives for Morgan Creek Capital
01:05:00 China most crowded trade
01:08:30 How Mark Views Crypto and Blockchain
01:11:00 How VC Investments Work
01:13:50 Why Mark Loves Asymmetry
01:14:00 Exponentiality – nobody understands it
01:15:00 Marks view on his version of Metcalfe’s Law – the Shadows Law
01:16:47 What advice would you give to someone 30 years of Age to be able to retire early
01:21:20 Favourite Charts or TA you use – Trends are great
01:22:40 Wyckoff Pattern for Bitcoin
01:23:00 The MOON – Humans do things based on Nature
01:24:40 Greek Actuary
01:26:00 Are Pension Funds Rigged?
01:28:40 Google vs Tesla – we are half aligned….
01:32:00 Life changing knowledge – Bitcoin Bullishness
01:33:00 Bullish on Humanity – what makes a great podcast!
01:34:00 Crypto Ain’t Going Anywhere – Digital Natives will win out!
01:35:00 Spend Time to Research Disruption

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